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Specializing in Automotive Service Tools since 1974.
The Sir family has manufactured & invented tools which are in service with thousands of technicians across America and around the world.

We Manufacture!

Sir Tools manufacturing capabilities reaches far past the S.T. tool line alone.
Some of the the most popular automotive special service tools on the market are manufactured by Sir Tools for O.E.M.'s and other companies (featuring their logos and part numbers, respectively) under agreement. Sir Tools can Private Label for you. Three decades of S.T. Tools in service with thousands of technicians, marks our 30th Anniversary. The Sir Family manufacturing prowess is strictly based on one simple rule; Don't cut corners in order to reduce the cost of the product. Specializing in Special Service Tools -This is our business, this is what we do best! You have my word and name on it!

N. America 800-845-4542   
Intl. 530-872-9425   
Fax 530-872-9375

    Oliver Sir -VP  Sir Tools  email:

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